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We are dedicated to uncovering any prior trademarks registered or filed at the Japan Patent Office.

Utilizing the wealth of data available from the Japan Patent Office, our seasoned investigators conduct meticulous searches that guarantee your peace of mind. We don't just stop at identifying primary and related trademarks; we go the extra mile by providing supplementary trademark information for your consideration. With our carefully curated reports, making informed decisions becomes effortless, ensuring your brand's protection every step of the way.

By outsourcing the investigation of pre-registered and pre-filed textual trademarks, we streamline the process of assessing distinctiveness and combined trademarks. This enables you to efficiently navigate your business operations, making informed decisions with ease. Partner with us to unlock the potential for seamless workflow management and enhanced efficiency.

The Strengths of InterMark's Word Trademark Search

  • POINT 01Highly Accurate Investigations by Skilled Researchers
    Our experienced investigators provide thorough research not only on identical or similar trademarks but also include reference information crucial for decision-making (such as distinctiveness and coexistence registrations). With their expertise, we deliver high-quality reports that are easy to interpret and utilize.
  • POINT 02Clear and Comprehensive Investigation Reports
    To ensure ease of decision-making, we attach a primary pick-up list that includes the status of relevant trademarks. This effort guarantees that our final reports are straightforward and facilitate informed decisions.
  • POINT 03Quick Turnaround at Competitive Prices
    We offer high-quality investigation results in as short as 3 business days. Additionally, we provide discounts for multiple classification requests, ensuring our services remain competitively priced while maintaining quality.

Search Fee and Delivery Time

Word Trademark Search

Search Fee:
¥18,000 per trademark (1 trademark, 1 class)
Additional classes: ¥15,000 each
Delivery Time:
Standard: 3 business days
Depending on the request, an Expedited (2 business days) or Urgent (same day or 1 business day) turnaround may be available.
Sample Quotation for Word Trademark Investigation
Class 35: Introduction of Engineers (35D01) Mediation (35D05) Provision of Job Information related to Engineers (42G02) Other General Services → ¥ 15,000

Class 42: Dispatch of Engineers 'Provision of ○○ by Staff Dispatch' → ¥ 15,000

Total (1 trademark, 2 classes): ¥18,000 + ¥15,000 = ¥33,000 (excluding consumption tax)

How to make a request / Search flow

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    Report Delivery
Feel free to reach out with your inquiry. Submit your request details through our inquiry form, and we'll provide a quote tailored to your investigation needs. Following that, communication will continue via email. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us through the inquiry form. We're here to help!

Our team of highly skilled investigators is dedicated to supporting your efforts in trademarks and intellectual property. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation.




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