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We provide trademark in-use searches. Our in-use search reveals whether a trademark is in use or not in use and how a trademark is being used. The result can be used for a trial for cancellation of a registered trademark based on non-use. We also do a field survey if illegal use of the trademark or infringement are suspected. With plenty of information available online, everyone can check if a trademark is in use. However, there is a limitation on the in-use search conducted with information available online only. 43% of cases where your own search reveals the trademark is not in-use are turned out that the trademark was in-use.

According to data taken from the Japan Patent Office, the average number in the last 5 years of trials for cancellation of a registered trademark based on non-use is 1,595 and about 20% of the cancellation does not succeed. Prepare for a trial with our reliable report. Our researchers reveal whether the trademark is in use or not in use. The skills we acquire over time and through experience help you prepare for a cancellation trial.



Field survey for Infringement

We do a field survey if illegal use of a trademark or infringement are suspected. We report the state of infringement, illegal use, or improper use, and we can shoot a photo which is highly reliable evidence photograph for infringement. We also buy infringing goods for you!

  • Background service of an infringer
  • Market research of an infringement of intellectual property
  • Purchase infringing goods
  • Field survey

Point1:We just don’t do make a report. We study each case and give you our report that meets your needs.
Point2:We contact the target without allowing our intentions to be known.

Case Examples

Case 1
Our client was concerned whether their trademark was infringed by some Japanese confectionery maker. We conducted a field survey and found out that they displayed a sign of our client’s similar trademark.
Case 2
The owner of the trademark was individual and his whereabouts were unknown. Our search found his address and found out T-shirts that have the trademark printed had been sold at a surf shop in Kanagawa and we obtained the T-shirt.
Case 3
The owner was a food company in Ibaraki and our search found that there were no sales activities and the company was, in effect, bankrupt and the trademark had not been used.
Case 4
The owner was an automobile parts maker. Our search found out that they did not sell any marked parts, but there was a company with the same name as the trademark in the group companies and the trademark had been used in their invoices or transaction documents.
Case 5
The owner was a domestic car maker and we found that the trademark had been used as a part of an automobile emblem that have already been sold.