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At Intermark, we specialize in gathering evidence for trademark-related examinations, adjudications at the Patent Office, and litigation in courts.

With a proven track record in handling numerous infringement cases and employing diverse investigation methods, we ensure the provision of precise evidence information to support your legal proceedings.

The Strengths of InterMark's Trademark Evidence Collection

  • POINT 01Advanced Open-Source Searches
    Conducted by skilled IP investigators.
  • POINT 02Access to Literature
    Skilled IP investigators access and obtain evidence from books, magazines, and other relevant literature.
  • POINT 03Information Gathering Expertise
    We utilize advanced interviewing techniques and capabilities for efficient information collection and on-site verification.

Cost and Delivery Time

Trademark Evidence Collection

Search scope
  • Evidence photography
  • Obtaining evidence items
  • Accessing and gathering information from overseas rights holders, owners, etc.
  • Accessing and obtaining information from overseas books and literature
In addition to these services, we can design custom investigations tailored to your specific requirements. Furthermore, if further detailed investigations are necessary after delivering the results of your requested investigation, or if a different approach is needed, please feel free to consult with us.
Search Fee
To receive a quotation tailored to your investigation needs, please submit your request details via our inquiry form. Subsequent communication will be conducted via email. If you have any questions or require consultation regarding your request, please don't hesitate to contact us through the inquiry form as well.

Our team of highly skilled investigators is dedicated to supporting your efforts in trademarks and intellectual property. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation.




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